Maryland's Atlantic

Things to Do in Maryland’s Atlantic Coast

Ocean City, Maryland is a place full of surprises for people suffering from wanderlust and want of adventure on their vacation. Whether you are with your family or friends, the underwater world will entrance you with its beauty and serenity. It is a perfect place for kids to experience something they only see in books for real and also facilitates a perfect ambience for a marriage proposal. Here are other things that you can do on Maryland’s coast.

Take a stroll along Maryland’s Shore

There is a 5 km shoreline on the beach of Maryland. Soak in the sea vibes and salty but refreshing air of the ocean. You can also find street performers performing tricks, singing, dancing, or juggling, etc. There are amusement parks with arcade games and shops of delectable seaside food. Adventure loving people can take surfing gear on rent and dance on the tides. Souvenirs can be brought from various gift shops located along the shoreline. You can visit the Life-Saving Station Museum. You can get fries and fresh vinegar for strolling along the beach.

Merry Go Round at Trimper’s Ride

Trimper is a popular amusement park in Maryland. You feel a pang of nostalgia and bouts of fun while riding on the classic Trimper’s rides. You may fancy experiencing a ride on a vintage carousel that comes alive with its hand-painted animal made from wood. The roller coaster here is noteworthily exciting. The haunted house in its premises is housed in the Wild West Train along with the Pirate’s Cove and other attractions.
There are bumper cars and mini-Ferris wheels for kids. Riding on these rides become more adventurous if it is a rainy day. Indoor rides are open for all times around the entire year while outdoor rides like Ferris wheel and roller coaster are operational from Mid-June to September. Take a Swim, Sunbathe and Explore the ocean on a Kayak

Maryland has a 15 km spellbinding stretch of a beach and a must-go destination for all. Travellers need not pay any fee to reach and enter the beach. It is free and open to the public. There are certain restrictions on the use of frisbee for the want of public safety. The sports activities on the beach in the summertime are also regulated because the beach receives a heavy footfall. Enjoy a dip in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic and experience the thrill of a lifetime.


Kinds who are young love to play and sprawl in the sand. They can make sandcastles, houses, and other pieces of artwork. They can also brush their surfing skills. Some of the people dive and see the underwater beauty in the sea. The water at this beach is famous for its clarity. Couples can enjoy the scenic beauty of the ocean through a kayak. It is to be noted that late-night visits cannot be planned as the beach is closed for cleaning purposes from 10 pm to 6 am.

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