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Historic Architecture of an East Coast Town

The town of East New Market, MD is located in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It was once a favorite destination for vacationers, but these days it is more known as a place where locals go to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, especially during the hot summer days.

The architecture in this town reflects its rich history and gives visitors and residents alike an opportunity to explore quaint old buildings with brick facades and mullioned windows while also enjoying modern amenities like WiFi access. If you’re ever near East New Market, be sure to stop by!

History Of East New Market

East New Market was founded in 1798, at a time when the Eastern Shore of Maryland was bustling with political activity and business growth. In 1820, it became part of a small national movement to establish “Newmarket” towns on the East coast, which were meant to serve as coastal retreats from the stress of city life. Unfortunately for East New Market’s founding fathers, plans for a resort town never truly worked out, but their vision still lives on today!

The Architecture Of East New Market Today

If you want to get a taste of the charming history that once defined this hamlet, all you have to do is wander down its streets and look up! The architecture of East New Market features buildings with ornate details like brick facades, transoms with diamond-shaped panes of glass, decorative cornices, and rooflines with ornamental brackets. While many homes have modern amenities like air conditioning units or satellite dish antennas on their roofs, they still retain the historic look of early settlers.

These days East New Market is a cozy place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet getaway from city life. There are many lovely restaurants in town where you can grab some traditional Maryland seafood dishes or even some homemade ice cream before strolling through the brick-paved streets and taking in the area’s rich history!

Historic Buildings In This Town

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Built in 1850 by a free African-American man named Moses Boyd, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is one of East New Market’s most significant buildings. There are several historically notable details about this church, including the brass eagle lectern that was a gift from George Washington University as well as its original stained glass windows from 1851.

The architecture is also quite impressive, with woodwork that portrays classical traditions as well as Gothic influences. In particular, note how decorative elements like arched window frames and crenellations on the parapet give it a “castle-like” feel without making it look too heavy or serious. With all this history inside of it, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is truly a treasure!

East New Market Town Hall

Another distinctive feature of East New Market is its town hall, which dates back to the 1850s. The architecture in this building features a brick facade with stone trimmings on all four corners. The central portion has arched windows surrounded by decorative molding with dentils and an open pediment.

Elkton Bank Building

Located on Main Street, this historic building was once part of the Elkstown Bank before it closed in 1933 due to the effects of the Great Depression. Today, it houses several businesses including a hardware store, hair salon, insurance agency, and law office.

While some parts of this building are modernized (for instance its use as commercial space), there are still some noteworthy aspects like the original bank vault that has been transformed into a file room.

East New Market Library

Built in 1939, the East New Market Library is a great place to visit if you want to check out some new books, DVDs, or magazines! The architecture features beautiful brickwork as well as decorative friezes with triglyphs and metopes set above the windows. In addition to being a cozy spot for reading, it also features free WiFi access as well as public spaces where you can work or relax outside of your home or office!

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