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Rare And Unique Items At Fleshmann’s Antiques

East New Market has something for everyone. There is so much history in the place and you can see that in their building’s architecture. If you love to look at or own old, rare, and unique items, then there is no place better to look than an antique shop. Antiquing is the process of looking for old or historic objects and furniture to restore and resell. It can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it takes time and patience to learn the ropes.

Fleshmann’s Antiques

Did you know that there is an antique store right here in the East New Market? Located at 2 W Main Street is a quaint-looking building that houses Fleshmann’s Antiques shop. The owner, Rick Fleshman has been in the business of antiquing for more than 30 years.

It was in 1989 that he bought a property in East New Market and started his own business there. Antiquing has been a part of his life. It is a family business that he takes great satisfaction out of.

There is something about turning an old worn-out piece of furniture into something that works, looks beautiful, and is useful once again.

They have a variety of pieces displayed in the shop and are waiting for the suitable owners to appreciate them. They have a great selection of Victorian walnut furniture as he himself is focused on them. However, there are also lots of cherries, walnut, and tiger maple local period furniture available.

Why Buy Antiques?

If you are going on vacation in the East New Market, it isn’t surprising that shopping for antiques would be the last thing on your mind. However, it is still a great idea to visit and look around to see the different restored furniture. You’ll never know if something in there catches your attention and you just have the urge to buy it.

Those who are into antiquing will understand the allure of purchasing such unique and rare pieces. It is the hobby of a lifetime that can be very rewarding. It takes time, effort, and knowledge to find that one special piece to add to your collection. If there is something that you are trying to find, just remember that there is an antique shop you’ll find at East New Market.

So, the next time you are in East New Market, be sure to stop by and take a look around! Give them a call for an appointment or catch their shows to see their collection. Who knows, you might find something that you just can’t live without.

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